Saturday, January 9, 2010

12.5 mile trail run on the PCT

Clay and I got out early to make it to our trail head just before 7 am. There is a 12.5 mile loop that includes about 7 miles of Pacific Crest Trail. I decided to run with a camelback style back pack with water and a water bottle with Accelerade in hand held on with an adjustable strap. I figured it was a good way to practice carrying extra weight on a shorter run.

We had run this route together before but this time we ran in the opposite direction, starting on the PCT and coming back on the fire roads. The loop is a great run with views of Santa Clarita at one peak and views of the Antelope Valley at other stops. It was nice to run slower and enjoy the run and scenery. The 12 mile loop took us just under 2 hours. Next time I will bring a camera with me.

I was starting to feel some soreness after about 10 miles. I have a long way to go to be able to tolerate 50! I have 14 weeks to get there.

My left hamstring held up great still just a little tight but much better than Thursday.


Chuck said...

Good Job! Glad to hear that things went well.

DCHS XC said...

What do you mean, nice to run slow. We'll next time just go on ahead!
Great run Karl.