Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is here! 7 mile anniversary run.

It was windy all day on Sunday but Andi and I still got out for a run on our Anniversary while my mom stayed with the kids. We ran up to the aqueduct, then from 60th to 70th, and came back on the other side and conveniently finished at Cold Stone. You know what happens from there. The run was 7 miles (for the start of our 7th year of marriage) and we averaged 8:30min/mi over the run. We’ll have to do a marathon for our 25th anniversary.

We are planning on running the Twin Cities Marathon together on October 4th this year. That gives her 7 months to get ready. Her last marathon was the Los Angeles Marathon with me in 2005 where we ran 3:38. We are hoping to break 4 hours this time around.


E. Stutelberg said...

Twin Cities Marathon????!!!! That means I get to see you in October, and you're bringing the boys, right? -Erin

Ron said...

CONGRATS! You guys are so cute!