Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend move and 1600m pacer

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have not done much running but getting some great strength workouts with our move to the new house. After 6 hours of moving all the large furniture and appliances on Saturday I dropped off the U-haul and ran to the track to meet Clay and Zac for a 1600m time trial. The first one I ran with Zac who's goal was a sub 5:30. We ran dead even splits but he was just over in 5:31 (a 20 second PR! Happy Birthday Zac!). He will be under in no time. Then after a short recovery I paced Clay to an A/G PR of 5:49 We ran 89sec for the first two laps and then 85, 86 for the last two. After another recovery I decided to see what kind of leg speed I had right now and to my suprise ran a 63 second 400. There is hope for that sub 5:00 mile in May. It turned out to be a great interval workout for me, so everyone was happy.

See Clay's blog for more commentary and pictures!

Total mileage for February was 84. If we keep having weather like we did this weekend I will have no excuses to not be running more consistently in March.

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