Monday, March 23, 2009

Zero mileage weekend

High winds and rain kept me from running this weekend. Yes, I have a treadmill but didn't have time to get on there either (ok lots of alibis going on). I had planned to get up this morning and run either outside or on the treadmill (if it was still windy) but my alarm was not set right (more excuses).

Saturday was the first running clinic of the year. Clay and I hosted Erin Hamman, RD to speak about nutrition for endurance athletes. There was some great information given on general nutrition as well as pre and post race fueling. Thanks to those of you who attended.

Today my day calendar says is Roger Bannister's 80th birthday. He was the first person to break the 4 minute mile barrier. There are some great books out about him and the pursuit of this goal. He is on my list of people that I would like to meet. He trained and broke the 4 minute barrier while in medical school and went on to become a well known neurologist in England.
Here is the video of his most famous performance.

And his head to head race with John Landy to detmine the fastest miler in the world. It is amazing how gracious both athletes are after the race.


Ron said...

would It be possible to get a copy of that? I also would have liked to ask her about endurance training, hypoglycemia, and weight loss. Any chance she has an email I can ask her?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karl, inspiring video's, I guess that makes up for zero miles.