Saturday, May 30, 2009

Asics Gel-Kayano 15

Thursday after my run I felt some lateral right foot pain (more like an ache) the rest of the day. Right away I freak out about stress fractures. The next morning I wore some more cushioned shoes to work and had no lateral foot pain but a sharp pain all morning around the tarsal tunnel and talocrural joint (ankle joint). I had my colleague Adam look at it at lunch and we discussed my past few weeks of training. Ultimately we decided I was compressing the posterior tibial nerve. I needed a decrease in mileage for the weekend, which I kind of had planned anyway, and I was already looking into some new shoes. Oh, and after lunch on Friday I had minimal to no foot pain at all.

Friday night I went to Sport Chalet (the only place in town that carries any worthwhile running shoes) and with two gift certificates and a $20 off $100 coupon, bought a pair of Kayano 15 for about 40 bucks out the door! Here they are!
I took them for a short spin this morning and they felt great. I ran 5 miles easy in just under 40 minutes. Note the offset lacing system which is new this year. It is supposed to follow the normal shape of the foot better. These shoes remind me why I haven't run in anything but Kayanos for the past 5 years (my marathon career). The Kayano is Asics stability plus model, they also make a gel-3000 (also stability plus) that I have not tried. I used to wear Kayanos in high school as well (at least my junior and senior year) but stopped after that probably due to cost. They now retail for $139!

This afternoon the boys and I met Andi and the Cranes down in Orange County after a wedding. We took the boys to Huntington Beach on the way home. They sure are short!


Chuck said...

Enjoyed the picture of the boys! Thank you for sharing it.

Daniel said...

Kayano 15s totally rock! I've been in mine for a couple months now and I couldn't be happier. Now I just need to try a pair of your toe socks.