Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6 mile recovery run (48 min)

I am starting to feel better 3 days after the race. Both of my calves are still tight and my quads are still a little fatigued but I was able to run fairly normally today. I just took it easy for 6 miles at 8:00 pace which included some of the long road hills in the area. The weather was great and it is now getting lighter earlier. I am looking forward to some long morning runs when the weather is like this.

My brightroom photos are up from the Orange County half marathon. Check them out here.
I have to post a link to the brightroom photos for Chuck Fieland, a high desert runner who ran 3:17 for the full marathon this weekend! His pictures at the finish line are awesome. Chuck you have to order some of those.

Today was the 55th anniversary of Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile. This year was also Roger's 80th birthday. If you do the math that means he was 25 when he broke the barrier in 1954.

Anyone wondering where Jordan Hasay has been this spring? Well she has been ill and it kept her out of some big high school meets including Arcadia. Flotrack just posted a video of her return to training up in San Luis Obispo. She has her eye on the high school 3200m record of 9:48.

Finally, Kara Goucher will run one more marathon this year before taking a break to start a family. She is entered in the Berlin Marathon at the T & F World Championships August 23rd. I believe this is the course where Gebreselassie set the men's world record. Should be an interesting race.

Good luck Zac Patten at the Desert Mountain League finals tomorrow, where he will be running the 800 and 1600.


Ron said...

cool pics! I wanted to let you know the race emailed and said the fire will not interfere with the race at all. I appreciate the concern.

Chuck said...

Hi Karl,

My finishing pictures really show how pleased I was with my time. I ordered a couple of them for my mother. She finished her first half marathon last Sunday. I am very proud of her! I always enjoy reading your blog. I really appreciate the useful and interesting information. I am a huge distance running fan. Best of luck with your recovery.