Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekly recap: 22 total miles

I didn't post earlier in the week so here is a quick run down on my training this week from Monday to Friday. Still just putting in easy miles to build up my aerobic base again.

Tuesday: 6 miles

Wednesday: 4 miles

Friday: 12 miles out and back on the aqueduct in 1 hour 30 minutes (7:30 pace).

The morning weather has been unreal this week and I kick myself for not doing more.

Now for the controversial topic: To stretch or not to stretch!
The Running Doc at Runners World blogged on the topic of "When should I stretch" on Wednesday and opened up a HUGE can of worms for comments, many of which are from educated and well read medical professionals, on whether or not stretching is beneficial for runners and if it prevents injury. There really is no evidence out there in the literature proving either side. The commentary was so interesting that it prompted the Running Doc to add a reply "When should I stretch? Part II."

Here is a link to one abstract on pub med that is also worth a read.

I will post my take on stretching next week.

First I want to hear from my readers. Do you stretch? When do you stretch? And the even bigger question is WHY do you stretch? I would love to hear your take on stretching.


Anonymous said...

I have seen living evidence of runners not stretching and becoming tighter and tighter. Their standing posture shows their lack of flexibility. Not everyone has to stretch, some need to stretch more. It's an individual thing.

Daniel said...

If I don't stretch, the body just aches for the next day or two. I'm definitely a post-run stretcher, for a good 15+ minutes. It gives me a chance to think about the run, how I felt, and plan for the next workout. I can also figure out then what to nurse, ice, and watch for after the next go. I'm not one of the 'naturally limber' runners, so stretching is a must.