Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 miler (78 min) & May mileage totals

Didn't get great sleep last night as the boys were both up at multiple times during the night. I did get up for a 10 miler looping around Quartz Hill. I ran in the new Kayano 15 again. Did a few neighborhood loops making my way up to 70th West and then came back on Ave. M which is mostly downhill. It was another great morning for a run but did start to heat up towards the end, I didn't leave until 6:20. Average pace on the run was 7:50, fairly even the entire time. No foot pain during the run.

Mileage total for May ended up at 147! This included the Orange County Half Marathon and two training runs longer than 13 miles (15 and 18). I haven't put in that kind of mileage since training for Boston 2008! I am hoping to keep this up for a while over the summer. Twin Cities Marathon on October 4th will motivate me to continue on this pace.

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