Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Local runner, Sergio Reyes, wins Cincinnati Marathon

It was a little windy this morning but I felt like I needed to get out for a short jog to start loosening up. My legs got tighter and more sore as the day went on yesterday. Both of my calves are sore today but no more than what I would consider "symmetrical soreness" or normal soreness. Actually, my left leg is just a little more tired than my right. Probably from compensating slightly for the right calf on Sunday. It was a slow run today. I didn't wear a watch but it was around 40 minutes for 4 miles. I should have run 5 miles for Cinco de Mayo. Oh well, I didn't think of that until just now.

I will take this week as a recovery and then start logging more mileage in preparation for my 30 miler birthday run on July 5th.

The big news on Monday was that a local runner from Palmdale, Sergio Reyes, won the Cincinnati "Flying Pig" Marathon on Sunday with a time of 2:20:37 only two weeks after running the Boston Marathon in 2:19. It was his first marathon victory and he nearly broke the course record out there finishing just 12 seconds over (see picture and article here). He didn't know that he was so close to the record when he was running. He won the race by almost 8 minutes! See his finish and video interview here. Congratulations Sergio!

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Anonymous said...

Thanx for the Sergio info... not bad for a geek engineer!

Ran 300s and 200s tonite with Alan Brown... last 200 in 38 sec, with Dave Weir... felt good, and fast for me!