Friday, September 18, 2009

6 mile Quartz Hill hill run

I varied my usual hill run slightly today. I didn't go up to 70th only to 65th but still hit the steep section of 65th between M and M-8. I averaged just under 8:00 pace over the run, pushing the pace a little on the hills. My limiting factor today was my L calf but my knee felt better and I had no issues with my hamstring. I have cut my training mileage by about 25-30% and will cut my long run by 30-40% this weekend and build up in the next two weeks towards Twin Cities as long as I continue to improve.

Anyone interested in running the 25th LA Marathon "Stadium to the Sea"? You can register already, for $125! No early entry discount for this one. YIKES! It looks to be a good time. They even have their own la marathon blog. Check out the promo commercial.

Dean Karnazes is promoting the race as well. Here is a recent video interview with him.

Here is Dean describing to a group how to run 200 miles.

From Karl's day calander: 70-number of minutes it took Jesse Owens to break three world records, and tie a fourth, at a college track meet in 1935.

Coach and trainer, Vern Gambetta commented on a post from Jay Johnson on General vs. Specific strength training for runners. Also an interesting read. All good stuff!

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