Friday, September 4, 2009

7.5 mile aqueduct run with Clay

Clay invited me to run with him early this morning. He was planning a 16 miler and I thought I could get half of that in with him before work (he is off today and headed to Tahoe). We met at 5:30 at 60th and the aqueduct and ran south to the turnaround and back on the dirt side. I finished my portion in just over an hour (avg pace 8:20ish). His son Zac was there to met us and keep his dad company for the last half of his run. I felt much better as I have not run more than 4 miles since last Saturday and the last time I ran was a sluggish 4 on Tuesday. I think I will be ok for our 18-20 miler tomorrow. Which reminds me:

ATTENTION READERS: We are meeting at 6:00 am at the Golden Valley exit off the 14 freeway in Canyon Country. Park at the park & ride on the north side of the freeway. We will be doing an out and back on the paseos in Santa Clarita between 18-20 miles. B.Y.O.W.

Finally, I was checking out the CLU (my alma mater) roster for cross country and found two girls from the AV. Dale, I thought you would like to read their roster bios.

Marilyn Cortina

Emilie Evenson

Marilyn is mentioned in the preseason article here.

Good luck to everyone running the Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday!


Chuck said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Best of luck to everyone running 18-20 miles tomorrow.

Thank you for posting the information on the CLU cross country team. I enjoyed reading it.

Did you see that Matt Tegenkamp ran a 12:58 5K this morning in Brussels? It is great to see the American distance runners doing so well!

Dale Lister said...

Thanks for posting about Marilyn. It is exciting to see one of my girls making it into onto a college team. I was thinking about Marilyn and her offer to U of Arkansas, and her choice to run at Cal Lutheran.... When I tell my current students about her success, I remind them that when she was at Hillview, she was only my 4rth best!