Monday, September 7, 2009

8 mile Labored Day hill run (60 min)

I decided to do my 3 x half mile hill workout today but didn't go as fast as I would have liked due to a tight left calf. The 8 miles too me 60 minutes on the dot (7:30 pace). This left leg has been giving me trouble since I twisted it during a move. It has been flared up the last two weeks. I may have a torn meniscus, my knee pops a few times a day, and I can tell when it is going to because to "grinds" and "blocks" my last 10-20 degrees of full extension. It just feels a little unstable. If I am smart about it I think I can manage it through these next two marathons. If I can get it feeling as good as it did on that 10k time trial, then I still have a shot at 2:55 in Sacramento. The running doesn't seem to bother the knee but my calf and hamstring sure compensate. It is all the other stress I put on it during the day that seems to aggravate it. Like I said it felt better after Saturday's 18 miler than it has in a while. A day at the beach and some work in the garage today and it is pretty sore. I will take tomorrow off and next weekend is a recovery weekend for me as I will be watching the boys while Andi runs the Big Bear Half Marathon.

Congrats to Chuck Fieland on a 1:31:20 half marathon at Disneyland. He is right on track to run 3:10 at CIM. Just take it easy on those other fall marathons Chuck.

The US 20k Championships was this weekend and local elite runner Sergio Reyes was running a week after PRing at the half marathon distance. It was a very competitive field compared to last year and Sergio placed 15th with a time of 1:01:47, bettering his time from last year where he placed 16th and ran 1:02:52. Not bad for racing 2 weekends in a row. In 2007 he was 8th place in 1:01:46. See video from the race here. You can see him finish at 14:53 into the video. He will be running the Chicago Marathon in 5 weeks.

The men's race was won by Brett Gotcher of McMillan Elite in 58:57! The fastest winning time since 2005 (Abdi).

The women's race was won by 45 year old Colleen DeReuck who will be running the Twin Cities Marathon with Andi and me (ok not WITH us but in the same race as us) in four weeks.

See flotrack for interviews. Still no Sergio interview.

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Chuck said...

Hopefully your left leg allows you to put in the miles required to run a 2:55 marathon at CIM. Based on your recent 10K time trial, the pace will not be a issue.

I really appreciate the words of encouragement and advice. I feel confident that I can run sub 3:10 at CIM.

Thank you for the update on Sergio. That is really tough, racing in such competitive fields on back to back weekends.