Saturday, September 5, 2009

18 mile long run in Santa Clarita

For a change of scenery, Andi and I decided to drive down to Santa Clarita (which has an awesome bike trail system) for our long run this week. Dale met us at 6:00 am at Golden Valley and we set off down to Soledad. As we ran down the HUGE hill we thought, "this is going to be killer at mile 16." We were cruising along great until we hit that hill coming back. It wasn't the smartest place to run from but we made it! 18 miles is the longest I have run since my birthday run, and it is the longest Andi has run since having kids. She did great and I am very proud of her. We completed 18 miles in 2:38:10 (8:47 pace) but we were hitting 8:30 most of the way. I remember Dale giving us our 10 miles split at 1:25 and our half marathon split at 1:51:47. I did not have splits of my own because I forgot to start my Garmin after a stop light (I need to set up auto pause). My calves were a little tight at the start of the run, but the left knee felt great and the hamstring/adductor didn't bother me at all. Besides being tired, I actually felt better after the run than before. It has been 2 weeks since I have felt this good. I guess that's all my body needed, an easy 18 miler! Thanks to Dale for coming out and keeping us entertained.

See Dale's blog for the elevation chart and splits.

Four weeks until Twin Cities! The quality workouts for the next four weekends are:
1. Big Bear Half Marathon
2. 18-20 miler (location TBD)
3. 12 mile fast finish
4. TC Marathon

Tentatively the 20 miler will be September 19th on the aqueduct starting at 60th. We'll keep you posted.


Chuck said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I liked the line "I guess that's all my body needed, an easy 18 miler". Andi is really doing great! Please tell her, Good job for me.

Daniel said...

I did 16 today out at my parents house and I was only 3 minutes off my half-marathon PR when I crossed through 13.1.

Ron said...

nice work you guys! keep up the god work!

Dale Lister said...

Are either of you as sore as I am from this run? I am thinking that that 3 mile downhill at the beginning got me. I will need to do more downhill running before Sacramento (and Boston!)