Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 miler on first long sleeve day!

I don't know the exact temperature but the lows have been in the low 60s and it felt like long sleeved weather today, so I started that way but rolled them up to my elbows after about half a mile. My knee felt the best it has been in the last 2 weeks today. Still not 100% but the improvement is a good sign. Most of the knee popping is patellar tracking and I have some medial hamstring and calf soreness but much better than a week ago. I'll slowly ease back into training.

Today was perfect running weather and I ran down to QHHS and then over to Joe Walker and ran into Clay and Dale doing their cool down after 4x1600! Sounds like a good workout. Wish I could have done it with you guys.

My splits are a little inflated because it is all downhill to QHHS but here they are 7:55, 7:32, 7:27, 7:07, 7:58, 7:46, 7:47. Total time for 7 miles was 53:33 (avg pace 7:40).

Here is a quote from Mark Remy (the Runner's World daily blogger).
"It never ceases to amaze me, how stiff and bruised you can feel after a marathon. It's like you've been beaten all over with a bag of oranges. If a person -- not a race -- made you feel this way, you would press charges."

I love that feeling in the days after a marathon. It reminds me of what I just accomplished.

Here are some great marathon/half marathon tips for first timers from the Running Doc.

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Chuck said...

Glad to hear that your knee is feeling better!