Saturday, November 14, 2009

20 miler with Dan on the aqueduct

Yesterday I was limping on my right foot all day at work and today I felt fine.
Dan and I got out at 6 am this morning and followed the same route that we did two weeks ago.

Bad news was I started the run in my new Kayanos and after about 30 feet I told Dan, "I can't run in these shoes," and switched to my 1224s.
Good news was I had no trouble after that.

I decided after today that I will run the marathon in my New Balance 1224s. They have been good to me since buying them two months ago.

My garmin had a low battery and so I decided to just go without it. Dan just had his regular stop watch so we had some idea of where we were. We stayed even most of the run and turned around at the last bridge before 110th. I am not sure on the exact distance but I am giving myself credit for 20 miles today. It was probably a little short of 20. We both commented during the run that our legs felt sort of stale. I think my exact words were "my legs feel kind of blah today." My total time was just less than 2 hours 30 minutes. The effort felt right around 8:00 pace or just under. We picked it up a little more in the last five miles on the way back.

At about mile 14 we ran into Sergio Reyes and another guy running the other direction.

The temperature when we started was 41 degrees and was 55 degrees when we finished. It was great weather for a long run.

My legs felt great all day today.

Clay, Dale, and I are doing Yasso's 800s Tuesday morning at Joe Walker track. I will attempt a marathon pace run next weekend. Those are the last key workouts planned. I may do one other shorter MP run 5-6 miles if I feel the need.


DCHS XC said...


Karl Stutelberg said...

Thursday is fine with me. I am planning the same marathon pace run next weekend so I will just push it to Sunday. Don't try and cram too many hard workouts into these last few weeks (ie Tuesday's plan)!

Michael said...

do you mind if i joined you for your MP long run this weekend?

Karl Stutelberg said...

We would love to have you. Right now Clay and I are meeting on Sunday morning. I am planning on 16 miles with 8 at 8:00pace and 8 at 6:40pace. We haven't set a time but I am planning on 6am at 60th and the aqueduct. I will post our plans soon after I talk to Clay.