Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grinding out 17 with MP finish (2:06:50)

Andi and I got out early for a beautiful morning run. She ran the first 10 with me in 1:20:34 (we averaged 8:00 pace) and we ran even and tried to stay fairly level (its hard to do around my parent's house). The hills aren't that steep but they are long and steady. I commented to Andi that it was a much harder effort than I wanted it to be and I didn't know how the MP (marathon pace) finish would go. She did great for the 10 miles and I dropped her off at the house, then left for another 7 miles on my own. The effort was harder than I wanted it to be and my left leg only felt about 90% but I made it through. Here are my last seven mile splits 6:32, 6:52, 6:52, 6:27, 6:39, 6:26, 6:28. The first 2.5 miles are steady uphill. Total time for 7 miles was 46:16 (avg 6:36). Actually mile 15 and 16 felt the best on the whole run.

Total time for 17 was 2:06:50 (avg 7:28).

I had a little trouble with my Kayanos rubbing on my right foot on the downhill portions. I will give them one more trial run next weekend but if they feel the same as they did today I will probably run the marathon in my New Balance 1224s.

Here are some pictures from the Silverman Triathlon this morning. Ron is finishing the swim and then transitioning to the bike! He is probably just starting the run as I post this. He was a minute faster than he thought off the swim. The weather is awesome. It will be fun to here his commentary afterward.

Update: Here is Ron nearing the 10 mile mark of the half ironman. As I am posting this he should be finished! He did great and we are so proud of him!

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Chuck said...

Catching up on your posts since I was out of town for the weekend.

First of all.....thank you for posting the pictures of Ron at Silverman. I am looking forward to reading his post on the race.

How nice to have a wife that you can run 10 miles with at 8:00 minute pace. Great job! 33 miles over a 3 day period and you were able to finish the last 7 miles at a 6:36 pace. You are ready!