Saturday, November 21, 2009

6 miles for Karl; Andi wins CLU Turkey Tri!

It was cold and windy this morning. I cut my run short at 6 miles (I was planning on 8). My right leg just doesn't feel right. We'll have to play it by ear tomorrow. I ran the 6 miles in just under 48 minutes (8:00 pace) but it wasn't pretty.

After my run we headed down to CLU for the CLU Turkey Tri (a sprint triathlon put on by Andi's brother Clark and his friends). The distances were 500m swim, 6 mile bike and 5k run. Andi was nervous about the event having never done a triathlon before. She went to the pool twice in the last two weeks to practice, winged it on her dad's bike, and thought the run would be no problem. She said the hardest part was getting her running legs back after the bike.

There were 7 competitors and 2 relay teams. Andi was 6th out of the pool, passed one on the bike and three more on the run. The only finisher ahead of her was part of a relay! She was also the only alumnus, the rest were current students! Way to go Andi! We are proud of you.


Chuck said...

Awesome job Andi! Congratulations!

Karl.....Hopefully your right leg gets better. It is not good racing a marathon when you are not feeling 100%. This morning I ran the Route 66 Marathon. I was really hoping that my right knee would hold up, but the last 10K was really painful. Now I am laying in my hotel room with a ice bag on it.

Karl Stutelberg said...

Glad to hear that you were able to finish the marathon. It may take a few weeks of rest to get the swelling and pain in the knee to subside after something like that. At least it was only painful for the last 10k and not the whole way. I will look you up once results are posted. Keep icing that knee.

Dale Lister said...

Great Job Andi!!!

Chuck said...

My finishing time was 3:23:44. I slowed to a 8 minute mile pace for the last 10K. That seemed to be about the best pace to get me to the finish line with as little pain as possible. I tried walking for about 30 seconds, but it hurt just as much and I wanted to get back to the hotel and ice it ASAP. I was not surprise by my knee problems. Running easy on the treadmill is nothing like running 26.2 miles on the roads! I tested it twice on the aqueduct for 5 miles with no problems, but again that is nothing like running a marathon. At least I can now cross Oklahoma off my list.

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you Andi - to be first, AT YOUR AGE!!!!! Way to go girl! Brad and Jeanette