Saturday, July 17, 2010

15 mile aqueduct run

I got up 30 minutes late this morning for my long run, so I left at about 5:45! The later you leave the hotter it gets. I ran up to the aqueduct then west. I was dealing with about a 10 mph headwind for most of the way but I kept telling myself that it would be better when I turned around. At about mile four I got a sharp pain in my right side. It didn't feel like muscle pain, I quickly realized that I had been stung by a bee! I pulled my shirt up and started shaking it around and rubbing my back. I never felt the bee but the pain quickly subsided and I was able to continue running. The steady wind started to wear on me after about 6-7 miles out. I was close to the last bridge so I made it there (7.25 miles) and decided to turn around at 7.5 miles. This was the exact turn-around point for my 30 mile birthday run. On the way back the wind seemed to die down a little and now I was dealing with the sun in my face. Into the wind I was maintaining 8:20-8:30 pace, but on the way back I was cruising at 7:20-7:30 pace and trying to conserve my fluids. I finished the 15 miles in 1:59:12 (avg pace 7:57/mi). I averaged 7:24/mi for the lat 7 miles. I got home and showered myself off with the hose in the back yard. It felt so good! Glad I wasn't out any later, it is hot out there today!

Good luck to Andi, Julie, and Ron at the Strawberry Fields Olympic Distance Triathlon tomorrow. It should be a great race with great weather! Have fun!

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Chuck said...

Best wishes to Andi, Julie, & Ron!