Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good thing I got my run in this morning!

I got in an easy 7 miles this morning. It was a beautiful morning with no wind. I wish I could have gone longer. I was just starting to loosen up from my Tuesday track workout when I had to turn home. I ran my 3 hill tour of Quartz Hill, zig-zagging back home from L-8 and 70th.

By the afternoon the view from my front door looked like this.

And by night fall the same view looked like this.

The wind is blowing the smoke and fire to the east. We actually have clear skies above us right now. They have evacuated homes in Palmdale to the southeast of us. It is scary and sad to watch. It is burning some of the trails I have run above the aqueduct.


E. Stutelberg said...

Karl, it sounded on the news like the fire was getting awfully close. What's being recommended in terms of being outside and breathing the air? And what exactly is burning in the desert?!?

Karl Stutelberg said...

The air quality is much better today. Most of the fire is out as far as I know. Friday the air quality was aweful so Andi took the boys down to Acton for the day. We actually spent the night down there. If you had any respiratory conditions it would not have been a good idea to be outside.
To answer your second question. There is lots of dry brush, chaparal and grass that burns quickly, it is great fuel for the fire. The 30mph winds don't help either.