Thursday, July 15, 2010

HDR Cross Country Co-ed Relay Night

I didn't want my first mile of the day to be in the race, and I was stiff from my track workout yesterday, so I got in an easy 3 miles this morning. Boy was that a good idea. It wasn't pretty, but I felt so much better afterward.

It was the hottest day of the year so far out here. My car read as high as 109 degrees this afternoon. It was also very "muggy," and the sky was dark to the east. Andi and I left for Pelona Vista Park and got sprinkled on as we were driving. Our team for the co-ed relay consisted of Andi, me, and Zac Patten (Team Valley PT), and after talking with Clay at work, we decided that we could be in the top 5. Before the race the air was very thick and we could hardly see the mountains to the south. It got windy just in time for the race. Andi lead off our team with a solid first mile in around 6:48 putting us somewhere around 15th place. I chose the middle mile that contains the "killer hill" because I feel very confident running up the hill and closing hard. I picked off about 5 people by the top of the hill and another 2 or three on the back stretch. I didn't get an exact split but estimate it to be about 5:55 and handed off to Zac. He picked off a few more runners to finish in 5th place with a team time of 18:56! We were the first team to finish with non-high school team members. Certainly the first team with two members over 30! Thanks to Zac for running with us old folks! It was a lot of fun. Zac's teammates won the relay in a relay record, some were around 17:19! See Clay's blog for more pictures.

Total miles for the day was 5.

The weather continued to be very humid but the wind stopped right after the race (of course) and was calm all evening. After watching the news, it was lots worse in other areas. Palmdale got dumped on with flash floods, and there are three fires from lightning near Hemet. Here is a picture from my front door (looking west) of the clouds and sunset when I got home.

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