Saturday, August 28, 2010

5 improvement

I ran 5 this morning. I started out feeling pretty good. After about 4 the calf started to tighten. By 5 miles I was altering my stride due to the pain/tightness and called it. Ice massage afterward. Sore most of the day. No improvement since Monday. Getting tired of this.

In more positive news, Molly Huddle, formerly of Notre Dame, broke the American Record in the 5k on Friday with a time of 14:44.76. She broke Shalane Flanagan's old record by 4 hundredths of a second. This was her third time this season under 15 minutes. She got into a fast race (ended up 10th) and hung on to the pace to set the record. 10th PLACE WAS AN AMERICAN RECORD! That shows you how far behind we still are. See her post race interview here.

Even more interesting is to watch her post race interview from two weeks ago after running 14:57 in London. She says, "I'm not calling anything out or pointing at it or anything...but...if you can run 14:51 maybe you can try for some 14:44.7 range...its just something to try for...a goal for the summer. It's not really that serious of a goal...that's just what I'm going for." Well she did it!

BTW: Sergio Reyes was 5th today at the US 10 mile road championships at Crim Festival of Races in Flint, Michigan with a time of 48:32 (4:52 pace). See results here.
See the full race here...if you have 65 minutes to spare. Fast forward to 58:00 to see Sergio finish.

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