Friday, August 20, 2010


1. Chris Solinsky broke the 13 minute barrier for the 5k for the third time this year. He now has 3 of the top 5 US 5ks of all time. Watch the video of Thursday's race below. It is the final lap of the race and Chris moves up into second on the home stretch only to be passed by Merga at the end.

2. I will not be running at the Totally AV Fair Race tomorrow. My calf feels better today but not well enough to run it and I don't feel like jogging it. Instead I have been given the job of being the lead bike with the front runners and I am excited about that. It will be interesting to see who is the first across the finish line.

3. I officially signed up for another marathon for next spring. I am running the Orange County Marathon on May 1st, 2011. They just opened registration and for the first two days the entry fee was only 70 bucks. I got a message from a friend Dan Ham that said he was interested in running it and possibly shooting for a BQ (Boston Qualifier) there. I told him I would help pace him to a sub 3:10. Orange County is almost exactly 3 months after Surf City, so I should have plenty of time to recover and build back up. 3:10 is only 13 minutes off my PR so it will still be a hard effort. After running the OC half a year ago I told myself I would never run the full down there. But the idea of running it with someone else makes it bearable.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your ongoing problems with your calf. I have been having the same problem that goes back to Big Bear. It is not as bad as yours, but maybe because I don't run as far as you do. I can run 3 miles before it starts to tighten up now. I am resting more days inbetween. Hope that does it for me. Mom