Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today was the day to go for a great run. It would have been a perfect day for good 20 miler. This morning the temp was in the low 50s and the high was around 80 degrees! I woke up and took a step out of bed and decided I wasn't feeling good enough to run 1 mile. I met Clay at work and he treated my calf for me and then came up with a modified version of the strassburg sock. My leg is really tight in the morning because it is healing in a shortened position all night. The idea is to keep my foot dorsiflexed slightly so that it is on some stretch all night and wont be so tight in the morning. I am starting it tonight.

Did anyone watch that video of David Rushida breaking the world record in the 800m last week? Well it didn't last long because he broke his own record today with a time of 1:41.01! Watch the video here. Nick Symmonds of the USA closed hard and finished in 3rd with a personal best 1:43.76.

Oh, and Bernard Lagat set an American Record in the 3000m placing second to Bekele with a time of 7:29.00


Chuck said...

You must be so frustrated! It has been over a month since you injured your soleus. Hopefully Clay's modified version of the strassburg sock helps with your recovery process.

Thank you for the link to David Rushida's world record 800m's and the USA 10 mile championships. I just finished watching the entire 10 mile race. I really enjoyed the videos.

EBS said...

This is sad, brother. Anyone who knows you will know that a day when you want to run 20 miles and can't even run one is a very, very sad day. I ran 3.5 tonight for you! Hope your leg is feeling better soon.