Thursday, September 25, 2008

6 mile easy run (46:00)

I got in 6 easy miles this morning and avoided all hills to give my left calf a rest. It felt great on the run but was sore at work this morning. I iced it twice at work and then Clay taped it (kinesiotape) for the rest of the day. It has continued to improve over the last 3 days. I had no posterior tibilalis pain on the run or afterwards today, it has all manifested into my soleus and proximal achilles tendon. I need to get the inflammation down so I can start doing more hill work. Average pace over the 6 miles today was 7:40. Last two miles were around 7 minute pace with no calf pain.

FYI Free 3oz (pretty tiny) ice cream night at Cold Stone Creamery tonight from 5pm to 8pm.
Idea! Run to the local store...then run home! Net calories 0!

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