Thursday, September 11, 2008

8 mile run including 3xhalf mile hill repeats

I have been wanting to do some hill training during the week for a while now and haven't been able to get out and run some, until this morning.
The closest hill is at the end of 45th W. (2.5 miles from my house). It goes up for about 150m then levels off 150m then continues to increase in grade for the rest of the distance up to half a mile. The steepest part is the last 50m. Recovery is running back the same route, but I may change that next time (too much steep downhill running).

I did three repeats today, but I think I could have done two more for sure. They were all around 3:25-3:30. The fastest I have ever done this half mile course is 3:15 back on March 12th.

With the 2.5 mile warm up and cool down back home, the total mileage was 8 miles in 59:25 (average pace 7:25). I felt really good out the door today. Hopefully I can get out of bed earlier next time so I can do one or two more repeats.

Looking for a two hour run this weekend.

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