Sunday, September 7, 2008

7 mile recovery run (56:00)

I was sore from yesterday so today was all about putting in time on the road. I like to go for an hour. That amount of time makes me feel like I got in a decent workout (benefit of workout for time spent). I know I quote him a lot, but Jack Daniels says if you have limited time to run, go for at least 30 minutes. Less than that, he says, and you are spending more time getting ready and showering etc afterward. I would much rather do an hour run and then take the next day off completely, than run 30 minutes two days in a row. Some days just don't allow for that and you take what you can get.

Mile splits today were: 8:28, 8:20, 8:25, 7:57, 7:44, 7:33, 7:16 (average pace 8:00).
Total weekend mileage was 18 miles.

We took a family picture a few months ago, all wearing CLU shirts, for my brother-in-law Clark who started his freshman year there last week. I also submitted the photo to the alumni department and they posted it to the website. Check it out here. Can you find us?

I also found a picture of me running the home cross country 8k course MY freshman year (fall 1997). Here it is.

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