Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 miles on treadmill (39:40)

Anticipating wind and rain I got on the treadmill this morning for 5 miles. Man does time go slow on a treadmill. I need a flat panel TV for the wall in front of me. I started with one mile at 7 mph, then one mile at 7.5 mph, and finished the rest at 7.8 mph (7:40 pace) all on a 3% incline.

At work we did our lunch strength training routine and then I went into the parking lot for form drills and short sprints. That is a great time to do form drills. Do an easy run, then some strength and core work. Once you are tired, try and maintain good form on the drills and sprints. I was fatigued by the end of all that!

If you are too tired and not able to maintain decent form this is also a good time to get hurt so be aware of your body's position and do not attempt if too tired.

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