Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 mile treadmill progression run (46:00)

The wind was howling all night last night and didn't let up this morning. So I got on the treadmill for a few miles again. I started at 7mph (8:30 pace) but increased .2 to .3 mph every mile or so until I was at 6:50 pace for the last half mile. The incline was on 3 the entire run. Workout totalled 6 miles in 46:00 (avg pace 7:40). My right calf felt great. I would say about 95% today.

Check out the new Nike commercial for the Nike Free shoe. Beware it is at least a PG-13 rating.

Brooks also has some great commercials with what they call the SUPER FANS. Here are two of my favorites. If they aren't loading well right click and select "switch to low quality".


Anonymous said...

The Nike commercial was too funny. Loved it! Mom

Vanessa said...

Hi there. I read your comment on the "Ask The Running Doc" blog at Runner's and was wondering what your recommendation for treatment would be for an incomplete calcaneal stress fracture.

I got an MRI last Friday and was told that I had the stress fracture earlier this week.
I developed the incomplete stress fracture three weeks and three days ago.

I have no pain while walking, riding a stationary bike, or using the elliptical trainer. I haven't run for three weeks. I was told by my doctor just this Thursday that I could not do any weight-bearing activities on my foot (even though I had no pain) and was given a long bootwalker and put on crutches.

This is very frustrating for me as a runner and VERY active individual, and the only crosstraining options I am left with are swimming and pool running. In your opinion, is this an appropriate approach to treatment? Should I be permitted to walk and use the bike/elliptical?

Thanks for your consideration.