Thursday, April 30, 2009

Test run 5 miles in 39 min...calf still tight

I took the last 3 days off completely. I have been massaging, icing, ice massaging, taping and stretching during this time. The calf felt pretty good this morning and I felt like I should test it today and not Friday. The morning weather has been excellent the last two days. I ran down to Joe Walker and did two laps. I slowly picked up the pace until I was at 7:00 pace and the right calf started to tighten up again. So I backed off and finished the run: 5 miles in 39 minutes (7:50 pace). Sunday will not be a fast run for sure. I will have to run totally based on how the calf feels, it may be a SLOW day. This is getting very frustrating.

April mileage total was 90. I thought I was getting more consistent this month but this calf issue slowed that down.

In more positive news Rick Ball out of Canada broke the world marathon record for below knee amputees with a time of 3:01:50! That is incredible, he could run a sub 3 hour marathon on almost any other course. Truly inspiring.

Finally, Amby Burfoot blogged about new research that shows hip weakness causes injuries in runners! Doesn't sound like any new mind blowing cutting edge findings to me. I see it almost every day. Take a look at a still picture of yourself running. If one hip is lower than the other you probably have a hip/glut weakness or imbalance. Try some of these:

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