Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday 8.5 miler (1:08:32) easy run

Tuesday morning I got out early for an 8 miler which turned out to be 8.5 miles around Quartz Hill so that my monthly total evened out. I felt sluggish on my run averaging 8:00 pace (total time1:08:32), so I did 4 accelerations and high skips in front of my house to finish off the workout. Sometimes I need to remind the legs what it feels like to run fast.

Monthly totals for March were another measly 77 miles for a total of 242 for the year so far. I think Dale ran almost that many in March, yikes.

See video of this year’s Shamrock Shuffle here. I will never complain about the “cold” weather in southern California again.

In the news:
Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, is said to be pacing at the Boston Marathon through 15 miles. Read the article here.

Dean Karnazes had another great blog post on what he calls GLOBESITY.

Finally, High Intensity Exercise Trumps Easier Workouts For Weight Loss, Body Fat, Cholesterol (read about it here).

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