Sunday, May 2, 2010

4 mile recovery?

So today was a little worse than yesterday, probably from pushing the pace a little. I took it easy today averaging 8:30 pace for 4 miles and didn't want to run any further. 11 miles total for the weekend. That is 11 more than last weekend so I feel better about that. Will take the day off from running tomorrow and return to the lunch strength training routine.

OC Marathon results are in! Michael Graham, who also ran CIM with us last December, finally got his BQ (Boston Qualifier) as he ran a very even race today and finished in 3:09. Nice work Michael, congratulations. Chuck ran 3:35 on a still recovering knee to maintain his streak of running every OC marathon! Dan ran a 1:34 half marathon at OC this morning and said that he was able to follow his race plan perfectly. Sounds like there was good weather and that everyone had a good race!


Chuck said...

Congratulations Michael on your BQ time. A sub 3:10 is nice! You are still young enough that your BQ time looks impressive. For the 2011 Boston Marathon they added an additional 59 seconds to the qualifying standards. This allowed me to get my BQ by 29 seconds without even trying to run fast. I believe that it is a mistake to ease the standards. This is the reason that the race reaches it limit so early. As one gets older qualifying for the Boston Marathon is not that special. In three years I will only have to run 3:45:59. Karl, what is your take on easing the qualifying standards?

DCHS XC said...

So Chuck, in 3 years you will only have to run 3:45:59. Like it is really really slow. My last 2 marathon times were 3:45
Actually I agree I think it should be harder to qualify. I still haven't run 3:35 to qualify but I will eventually and think it should even be harder 3:25 would be about right.

Chuck said...

Clay, at CIM you were on pace to run sub 3:20 until mile 15 when your calves started to cramp. The fact that you were able to finish in 3:45 by jogging and walking with cramping calves over the last 11 miles shows how easy it is to run 3:45:59. Based on your half marathon times last year, you are definitely capable of running a sub 3:20 marathon. Maybe Surf City next year before the pollen season starts?