Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday morning run (7.5 miles)

I'm least for now. That illness last weekend really took a lot out of me. Ok, I've been a little lazy too. Thursday morning I had a purpose. I had to run to the auto shop to pick up my car and get back in time to make it to work. I left early enough to take the long route and made it an hour run (7.5 miles). I felt the best I have since LD50, but hacking up lots of phlem!

Some good links that I have found this week:
Remember me talking about Chris Solinsky breaking the American Record in the 10k and being the first non-african to go under 27 min? Welll a few guys analyzed the sub27 group (there are only 31 guys to do so). Chris is quite an outlier. He is the heaviest of the group by 9kg and the tallest by 3cm! Check out the article here.

Thirsty Thursdays with Jack Daniels was great again today. The topic was LEG SPEED and it will make you think about your training plan over again.

Last weekend Sergio Reyes won the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon in 1:04:51 by almost 6 minutes! There are two good articles with pictures of the race here and here.

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