Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally some good running!

We had a great endurance weekend. The boys and I are very proud of Andi for her race yesterday.

Today I woke up early to meet Ron at Green Valley High School on my high school track to pace him for a mile time trial. I decided to run over there to get in some mileage that I has not existed recently. It was 8 miles over to the school and some decent hills along the way. It took me about 61 minutes to get there. Once there I ran a few laps to get my pacing down for a sub 7 minute mile. When Ron arrived we did another mile warm up and then I had him follow me for 200m at sub 7 pace. We talked about running even and started on our time trial. We went through the first lap in 1:45 then hit 3:32 at the half way point. We went through lap three in 5:15 and had a strong finishing kick to finish in 6:53! It was a 20 second PR for Ron and first time under 7 min for a mile! It was a great effort.

Then we talked about track workouts for 5k preparation. We did an extra 2x800m in 4:12 and 4:22 and then did 4x100m accelerations on the football field. Ron is planning some summer 5ks and is sure to PR at that distance soon. He also would like to test his legs on a 10k which is a distance he has never attempted.

He is getting fitter, faster, and stronger aerobically due to his CONSISTENT, training over the past year. These changes don't happen over night.

Total mileage for the day is 13!

I felt great on my run today and on the track. No achilles pain, no knee pain. Before Ron showed up I did a few quick 400s to test my leg speed right now. The first one I ran nearly all out and felt like I was under 70 seconds, but when I stopped my watch the time was 73 seconds. The second one was 75 seconds. I have lost quite a bit of leg speed in the last few months. I am excited to get back to some weekly track workouts over the summer.

For those of you in the market for a Garmin, Amazon has the Garmin Forerunner 305 (I highly recommend it) for an unbelievable price, $125. Here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Great Job Ron on the mile TT
Thanks Karl for the link, my Garmin just died.

Chuck said...

Glad to hear that you felt great! Running on your high school track must of felt like seeing an old friend. Nice job pacing Ron to a sub 7 minute mile.