Friday, May 14, 2010


The 24-hour run World Championships were this week in France. Scott Jurek from the USA was second over all with just over 165 miles, breaking the American record by 3 miles. That means he averaged 8:43 min/mi over 24 hours!

His support crew twitted this quote with three hours to go,

"Good news is the sun is up. Bad news is you can now see all the vomit along the course. Nobody said this was gonna be easy!”

Have a good weekend!


Daniel said...

Hi Karl - so I'm slowly building my base for Portland, focusing on core and a balanced, total-fitness approach. The course in Portland has a couple hills in it:
Neither hill looks tremendously challenging, but I want to incorporate some more hill work into my training plans for this spring/summer. Any suggestions on where/how to begin adding hill work to my routine? Thanks!

Karl Stutelberg said...

Adding hill work to your training is about the easiest way to improve your fitness. Start by doing a hilly course, then a hilly long run, then find a hilly loop and do threshold type runs/intervals pushing the hills and working on form. Any hill training makes you better on hills and makes the flats easier. Good luck with your training.

Chuck said...

Wow! 165 miles in 24 hours. Averaging 8:43 min/mi is amazing!