Wednesday, May 19, 2010

8 mile am run and RUNNING NEWS

I got in a nice 8 miler this morning. It is 2 miles to the aqueduct from my house, then I did an out and back up there, and returned home. It is so nice to get up on the aqueduct again on a nice day. We have had some windy weather and the aqueduct is not protected at all. If it is breezy in town it will be windy on the aqueduct. This morning it was beautiful up there. I had a little left calf sorness from running on the track on Sunday. The only thing that means is that I have to ease into track workouts or it could get worse. The 8 miles took me about 63 minutes, I steadily picked up the pace during the run and cruised back at 7 min pace.

ATTENTION READERS: There is a track meet at Occidental College in Eagle Rock, CA on Saturday night, May 22, with some of the best middle distance runners in the country. They are only running 800m and 1500m. The 800s start at 7:00pm and the event should be done around 8:30! There are many Olympians and Olympic hopefuls on the entrant list (W: Barringer, Flanagan, Rowbury, Pierce, Begley, Hall, Donahue, Martinez) (M: Rupp, Manzano, Dobson, Smith, Torrence, Leer). I plan on attending and invite all of my readers to come out. It should be great fun.

If you have checked my blog list on the right side of the screen you will notice that I have been adding blogs from some elite American Distance runners that I enjoy reading. I just added another one today, Ian Dobson and Julia Lucas, an elite running couple with OTC.

Dean Karnazes had a good post today on organic fruits and vegetable and which ones have the highest levels of pesticides on them if not organic called "The Dirty Dozen." We try to buy organic when ever possible and continue to use abundant harvest organics for our weekly "veggie box."

Finally, Coach Jay Johnson out of Colorado, posted a great basic kettlebell for runners workout video. It is a good program for introduction to kettlebell training, which Clay and I use for leg and core strengthening to suppliment our running. I think his kettlebell is too light for him because he doesn't need to swing it that high, but he has some good commentary and the video is worth watching. Here it is!

I'm intersted, how many of my readers are "going organic?"


Daniel said...

I don't eat enough fruits & vegetables, but when I do buy them, I always buy organic when I have the option. I'm all about organic milk, Trader Joe's all the way. I try not to just think about myself, but the people handling the produce. I don't want to be exposed to pesticides and I think it is also responsible to limit the exposure to pesticides of the people who help make produce available.

Tom Ham said...

I competed against Ian Dobson a few times in high school at both cross country and track. I remember a 1500 race where I PR'd and ran a 4:35 or something like that and he was like 150 meters ahead of me. You knew he was going places with running. He went to Klamath Union High school about an hour and half away from my hometown.

Chuck said...

I can't eat as much fruit as I would like because of my diabetes. But like Dan, when I do buy fruits & vegetables I try and buy organic. I like shopping at Trader Joe's.

I started buying organic after a bad experience with pesticides while running. About 12 years ago I used to do most of my running with a good friend around the peach fields near his house in Littlerock. My friend was an outstanding triathlete and I really enjoyed running with him. He competed in the World Championships twice for the USA! He moved up to Coeur d' Alene in 1999 and help pace me to my last sub 3 hour marathon in 2002. One morning as we were doing 800 meters intervals we came upon a crew of men spraying pesticides on the peach trees. They had a huge hose and were wearing full protective suits. We held are breath and ran as fast as we could through this cloud of pesticides. When we got back to his house we noticed that are chests, arms, legs, and shorts were covered with this sticky stuff. After that I always try and eat organic.

Dale Lister said...

I eat totally organic..... of course I am using the definition from science class.....