Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I just looked back in my blog. Two years ago I was in pretty darn good shape over Labor Day. I was training for a half marathon trail race (Boney Mountain) that was postponed, but later in October ran an aqueduct half marathon time trial in 1:24:33. Last year I was recovering from a summer left knee injury and trying to get ready for the Twin Cities Marathon.

This Saturday I ran 6 miles (48 min) easy and felt ok about it. My calf was tired the rest of the day mowing the lawn etc but not too tight. The weather has been very calm all weekend. When it is calm this time of year we get gnats! I ran most of the run with my head down trying not to get a gnat in the mouth!

Sunday I woke up and thought about meeting Dale and Chuck but decided I didn't feel like driving and my calf was feeling a little stiff so I stayed around Quartz Hill. This was also the first time I had run on back to back days in over a month. I started slowly up M-12 from my house and then ran down 55th all the way to L. My leg felt great and I was cruising in the low 7 min range. Then I turned up 70th and could instantly feel the right calf telling me, "Don't push it up hill." By the time I got to M (1 mile up 70th) I knew my run was over. I jogged down M to 55th and then walked it home. Total running mileage was 6 again. I had planned on 8. I stopped before any cramping or pain but it has been more sore today. I guess I should have gone out to meet Dale and Chuck after all. Since I can't run any positive grades, the aqueduct would have been the place to go.

Got my October issue of Runner's World Magazine this weekend. It was actually the best RW issue maybe this year. Great workout ideas, great hip and core exercises, and great article about excercise when pregnant and returning to running post-partum. It is about time, I was close to giving up on that magazine. The last issue was worthless.

Sorry my blog is becoming so pathetic and boring. Trust me, I wish things were going differently.

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Chuck said...

It is a good sign that you were able to cruise at a low 7 minute pace without any problems. Running on the aqueduct at our pace would not have put any strain on your calf.

I was able to run 80 miles last week within a range of 8:00 to 8:45. I should get in another 70 miles this week. I am feeling confident about my upcoming marathons. Should I taper off or keep my mileage high? The New Hampshire Marathon is on Oct. 2nd and Maine on Oct. 3rd. My wife and I are flying back east on Tuesday September 28th.