Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tropical Storm Karl

That's right, I am now a tropical storm! It is fun to see your name in the news headlines!

Tropical Storm Karl Goes Ashore on Mexico's Yucatan.

I have been talking a lot about my injury lately. My situaltion could be a lot worse. I found this post from Julia Lucas' blog on how she feel's about being injured. Her stress fracture has completely taken her out of the game for a while. She has a recent post titled "How to heal a stress fracture." She has been published in Running Times.

On August 20th she posted:
"All I want to do is run. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything or have any fun. I just want to run.

I am chagrin to admit that in my ignorant past I may not have fully appreciated my way of life. I may have even complained. Oh, what a fool I was!

Give me the fatigue, the sore muscles, the the brain fog, the 9:30 bedtime and its accompanying social suicide. I will not complain.

If after these 2 weeks of cross training my right foot stops its aching I will never, ever again take for granted a single step. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye."

Even if my mileage is WAY down, at least I am able to run some.

I received my October issue of Running Times yesterday. It blows Runners' World out of the water again.
A great article on Alberto Salazar's Oregon Project.
Greg McMillan's column on Performace Plateaus.
Blood Sport: What runners need to know about their blood test results.
An article on Coach Jay Johnson's program in Boulder, CO (very good).
A 12-page article titled Cross Country H.S. handbook (excellent).
An article on proper cool downs by Julia Lucas!

It is a must read issue!

Finally, here are my picutres from the Santa Monica 5k on Sunday. Check 'em out!

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Chuck said...

I can completely relate to Julia Lucas's comments from her August 20th post. When I had my torn meniscus and was unable to run I was so miserable. In the weeks prior to my arthroscopic surgery I told myself that if the surgery was successful I would never again take running for granted. There is nothing worst then being faced with the possibility of losing something that you truly love.

I agree with you about Runner's World. There is almost nothing in the magazine for the serious runner. The contents are all fluff!