Friday, May 30, 2008

10k progression run (45:11)

This morning's run didn't start out as an intended progression run but as I got farther away from home I realized that I needed to pick up the pace to get home in time so Andi could also get out for a run on her own (without BOB). The last three miles ended up being at or faster than marathon pace. I also wanted to explore some of the short trails near "the hill." at the end of 45th St. to see if I could make a short trail loop that I could use for intervals or repeats. I mapped out a loop that was almost exactly 1 mile. Andi and I both got in 40-45 minute runs BEFORE the boys woke up!

Mile splits were 8:17, 7:47, 7:28, 6:58, 6:46, 6:38.
Average pace 7:17 for 10k.

May was an inconsistent return to training, mostly due to high winds and low motivation. I must get back to some consistent training in June if I want to run a good 5k on July 4th.

I have a few options for fall races that might be good.
The Santa Clarita Marathon/Half Marathon on November 2nd, which I have run twice:
The first time was in 2005 with by brother-in-law Clark, we ran (1:43:04) and he had never been under 2 hours!
The second time was in 2006 in preparation for the LV Marathon, and I was 3rd in my age group in (1:22:42), my third fastest half marathon.

The other race is the first annual Pasadena Marathon/Half Marathon which is on November 16th. There is no course maps yet but looks interesting.

The last option is the California International Marathon in Sacramento, CA on December 7th if Clay is ready to race a good marathon.

There is also the Rose Bowl Half Marathon on December 13th which I guess is pretty hilly!

Let me know if anyone reading wants to come out for one of these races!

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