Friday, May 9, 2008

7 miles in 54 minutes

Ran 7 miles this morning...first mile 8:30 next 4 miles around 7:50 pace and last 2 miles at 7:20 pace. My left leg tightened up on the last mile and I experienced some mile left knee swelling during the day at work. When the knee has just a little inflammation the patella tracks poorly and I get some popping and tightness during the last 30 degrees of knee extension.

Clay found a great site that will calculate your VDOT (VO2max based on recent race time) and give you appropriate training paces for marathon pace, LT pace, intervals, and repetitions. These values are derived from Daniels' Running Formula, 2nd edition. Note that the new E/L paces are slightly slower than recommended in previous editions. It is similar to McMillan's running calculator. Check it out here.

This calculates my highest VDOT based on my PRs as my 1600M best of 4:50 (VDOT=61.27), then my 5k best of 17:06 (VDOT=59.78) and my half marathon best 1:20:00 (VDOT=58.35). These times have equivalent marathon times under 2:50.

My marathon PR gives me a VDOT of 54.09.

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Anonymous said...

OK Karl, a sub 2:50 goal for the Calif International Marathon 2010. Lets use 2011 also just in case we miss. 2008 is our training pass.