Saturday, May 10, 2008

5 mile run with Andi and BOB

Andi and I ran 5 miles this morning taking turns pushing the boys in our double jogger. It is a BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller. It is a nice smooth ride for the boys and they "usually" fall asleep. With the stroller and two boys it is about an extra 80 pounds to push! It was a beautiful morning and we had a nice run.

Clay and I had our second running clinic today. It went pretty well, we kept it to one hour, but we had a smaller crowd this time. Everyone said they learned something which makes it a success for me. Anyone have ideas for our next topic?

I want to send a shout out and positive vibes to a classmate and friend of mine, Ron Gallagher, who is running his first half marathon next weekend at the Palos Verdes Marathon. His wife Julie is also running it as her second half marathon. Good luck you guys, and have fun! We are proud of you!

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