Sunday, May 25, 2008

9 mile easy/long run (1:10:00)

I ran 9 miles this morning which is the longest run since Boston. I wanted to run about 70 minutes so that was perfect. Average pace was 7:47.

Mile splits were 8:38, 8:16, 8:17, 7:58, 8:02, 7:23, 7:15, 7:16, 6:52.

It still takes a while to get warmed up (about 5 miles, see splits), and it was kind of cool this morning (I wore long sleeves) and a little windy, but not bad enough to keep me inside.

Today also put me over 500 miles for the year so far, not a ton but considering the illnesses and aches & pains here and there, not bad. I'm averaging 100 miles per month.

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