Saturday, May 3, 2008

Easy 5 miles still in marathon recovery mode

I got my second run in since Boston with 5 easy miles today. I am also still not wearing a watch which helps keep me from running too fast (seems a little contradictory I know). I am still feeling the effects of the marathon including: broken cell fibres, swollen cells, mangled membranes, degenerated mitochondria, and damaged blood vessels (taken from a study carried out by Michael Warhol and his colleagues at Harvard Medical School and Tufts University that uncovered extensive damage in marathoners' leg muscles immediately after the 26.2-mile race). Mostly it has been in the form of a really tight left hamstring, thanks to running over 20 miles with a cramped one. Thankfully, it has continued to improve daily with walking and stretching. I have also started to gently begin the lunchtime circuit at a much lower intensity this week. It felt the best that it has today (my right leg feels fine). I plan on continuing in a recovery mode for the month of May and then, based on how I feel, do some shorter speedier stuff in preparation for a July 4th 5k.

Variation: Keys to Improving Running Economy is the title of the second running clinic put on by Clay Patten and me scheduled for May 10 at 11:00am at Valley Physical Therapy Group in Lancaster, CA. I have been reading from Jack Daniels, PhD. and Coach Greg McMillan, both based in Flagstaff, AZ, and have collected some great information that we will be sharing next week. I got to meet Greg in Boston which was a real treat. I hope to post some related info here periodically as well.

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