Tuesday, June 10, 2008

7 mile easy run (56:30)

I can usually tell by the first mile how the run is going to go on any particular day. Today the weather was good (slight breeze) and I had planned on running 7 miles, which typically takes me about 50 minutes. I knew it wasn't going to be a good run when my watch said 8:45 for the first mile. I felt stale, tight and sluggish the whole way. Average pace was 8:04.

You can't have a great run every day, but lately Tuesdays have been a bummer for running. I think it is because I have had some great weekend runs, then I do a good strength training circuit on Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning I am tight and tired. It makes for a good day to take it easy and just get some time in on the road. I like to end with some accelerating strides so that I end on a good note.

Today I survived 7 miles and then did 4x150m accelerations.

I am planning on 4 minute intervals on Thursday but adding an extra one for a total of 5 (mileage should total 8-9). Check back to see how it goes.

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