Sunday, June 8, 2008

9 mile long run with 2 miles at threshold pace

If you read my blog from yesterday you would know what I was planning for today. Well, it worked out just as I planned. The weather was perfect, all day actually. I left around 7 am, Andi got in 7 miles before I did! So together we ran 16 miles today.

My total was 9 miles in 1:05:02 (average pace 7:14), with miles 6 and 7 at threshold pace, actually a little faster.

Mile splits were 7:59, 7:39, 7:39, 7:25, 7:21, 6:14, 6:16, 7:25, 7:00.

So I basically ran a five mile warm up, two miles at threshold, and a two mile cool down.

The fast miles totaled 12:30 and I was shocked to see how fast the first mile was (6:14) and wondered if I could keep up that pace. I think I could go under 12 minutes in a two mile time trial right now, which means my interval pace has been pretty accurate (5:40-6:00).

Total weekend mileage was 15 miles.

Check out an easy to use pace calculator here.
And a cool VDOT calculator here.

I also found a page on wikipedia that lists marathon times for celebrities, see what celebs you can beat here.

The Prefontaine classic was today and I got to watch the televised version. It was pretty disappointing except for Bernard Lagat winning the 2 mile, and Brad Walker set an American record for the pole vault in 19ft 9 1/4 in.

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Anonymous said...

Can you believe George Bush ran a 3:44 marathon? WOW.. I need to get my rear in gear here.

So much useful crap Karl, keep it coming I really enjoy your blog.