Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interval training on calm Thursday morning!

Pushing back my weekly interval workout was a good idea. This morning there was NO wind and I felt really fresh. It is important to be flexible with your training plan and be able to adapt to last minute changes. If you plan on a long run over the weekend and you wake up with no energy (or there is a 40 mph wind) then switch it with Sunday and just do a few easy miles to get the "kinks" out and then do a few strides/pick ups/accelerations with the wind after the run.

I switched my interval workout to Thursday and it payed off. I ran a total of 7 miles which included 2 miles warm up, then 4 minute intervals at vVO2max with equal rest, then a mile cool down.

Total time was 52:01 (average pace 7:26)
Each interval was 4 minutes at vVO2max
First interval was .64 miles
Second interval was .66 miles
Third interval was .69 miles
Fourth interval was .70 miles
Pace ranged from 6:05-5:45 during each interval

Total time at VO2max was 8 minutes
I had planned on doing 5x4 minute intervals but stopped after 4 due to time and just didn't want to push it. I felt pretty good today, I probably could have gone on 3 min rest.

Here are two articles from running times magazine on interval training. Great information. Running Times is much more informative and educating then Runner's World. I haven't read a great Runner's World article that I learned something from in a while, it has been good for the blogs only. One of the articles below is written by Greg McMillan!

I also increased my volume (number of reps) on my circuit workout this week. I have been going twice a week on the circuit training so far.

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