Tuesday, June 17, 2008

8 mile easy run (59:24)

I have a new favorite 8 mile loop from my house. I go south on 45th West to L-14 up to Lane Park, then a loop around the park, and back via L-8 to 45. There is a few small hills between mile 2-3 and the rest is pretty flat.

Total time was under an hour, 59:24, for 8 miles (average pace 7:25).

The last two miles were under 7:00 pace (marathon pace).

Mile splits were 8:12, 7:41, 7:37, 7:34, 7:12, 7:08, 6:57, 6:56.
I finished with 3x150m accelerations.

Did you know that the Olympic Committee has standards to qualify for track and field events? You have to have a qualifying standard to compete in the Olympic trials and the Olympics. Well Canada has their own country standards that are higher than Olympic standards. Consequently, no one from Canada has met their qualifying standards for the marathon, thus no one (as of today) will be running the marathon in the Olympics from Canada. How ridiculous is that?

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very ridiculous