Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interval workout pushed back (tired and windy)

It is getting pretty windy around here again, and showing no signs of letting up. My interval workout was pushed back to Thursday due to the wind (which wasn't that bad on Tuesday) and I was feeling pretty tired and had no leg turnover.

Yesterday I decided to do an easy 5 miles at 8:00 pace and when I got home did 3x100m strides up and down the street.

Hopefully I will get my interval workout in later in the week.

A great video here of what the olympic athletes are doing for strength training in preparation for Beijing, specifically 1500m runner Jon Rankin. Notice, most of the lifts are explosive in nature.

The take home is strength training will allow you to maintain faster speeds and better form for whatever distance you are running.

UPDATE: Dean Karnazes ran 3:22:54 at the San Diego rock n' roll marathon this weekend. Not impressive enough for you? He did it after 13 days of running from San Fransisco to San Diego averaging 53.8 miles per day! Awesome!

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