Thursday, March 27, 2008

Illness to Injured to Illness again

I decided today that the running part of all this marathon training is the EASY part. It's the recovery from illnesses and injury that is the tough part. Just as I thought I was in the clear with my right shin I got sick AGAIN Tuesday night. I had a fever and missed another day of work. Luckily this time the fever lasted only 24 hours and, aside from a mild sore throat, I am feeling much better today. I need to get in a good 2 hour run this weekend as long as I am still feeling ok. It is now too close to race day to push myself if I am sick. The other unfortunate thing is that it has been very windy around here all week and shows no signs of letting up. I may even get on my treadmill (yes, I said treadmill) to get in some wind-free miles.

In other news the Boston Marathon will be televised live nation wide on Monday April 21 for those of you that get the channel VERSUS (I know, I haven't heard of it either).

Finally, check out some of Deena Kastor's gym workout here. Looks like she is doing some great core training, dynamic lifting, and functional hip flexibility exercises. Sounds like she has a pretty good coach. I can't wait to see her run at the trials on April 20th.

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johnking said...

Like yourself I have been battling an injury ever since a Half I ran on March 9. I followed it up with too much mileage, too fast and tweaked a high hamstring injury. it has been bugging me and affected my training pretty bad. My goal is sub 3, but it all depends on how it feels on race day because right now it is still pretty tender. I have to do a long run tomorrow and then going to use the taper as somewhat of a healing process. Thanks for checkin out the blog!
john king