Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5.5 mile easy run

It was pretty cold this morning and I had a day of runny noses and watery eyes yesterday. I had little energy this morning and took it easy. I had just enough time to run up the hill at the end of 45th and back at just under 8 min pace.

They changed the date for the LA Marathon...again! They are really having a tough time with this race and I am afraid turnout will be quite low this year. They could really ruin a race that is over 20 years old. The race used to be the first week in March. Devine racing sold it this year and they changed the date to Presidents Day, in February, as there was a push to have it on a holiday Monday. That recently got changed to Memorial Day May 25th! Read more concerns about the decision here. Meanwhile, the Inaugural Pasadena Marathon this weekend is sold out!

The University of Washington women's cross country team won the PAC-10 championships this weekend with a perfect score, 15. They actually had the top 6 runners in the race beating Oregon, Stanford, and the rest of the conference easily. They have a good shot at winning NCAA Nationals on November 24th. See the PAC-10 race here.

Have you ever seen an alter-G antigravity treadmill in use? I hadn't either until I saw this video of UW's Katie Follett. Pretty cool.

Wondering how Deena Kastor is doing with her rehab from her fractured metatarsal? Read here blog post on her web site. She has done some crazy things with her foot (like magnets, a spiritual bone healer, and bone marrow soup), but they seem to be working. She also just saw Dan Pfaff at the Olympic Training center to assess whether she is favoring her foot anymore.

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