Saturday, November 8, 2008

Palmdale Turkey Trot 5K pacer (19:36)

Today was the Palmdale 5k. I ran with Clay to pace him and test his current fitness level. He predicted under 20 minutes but based on some of his good interval sessions over the last month I thought he was capable of running 19:30 on a good day. Well, today was a GREAT day! There was no wind and the temperature was near perfect. I forgot my garmin, and there ended up being no mile markers, but we stayed at a VERY even pace over the whole course and finished in 19:36 (average pace 6:18). It was a very flat course with a downhill finish. Clay won his age group and ran his fastest time in 25 years! I could tell by his breathing pattern over the last mile that it was a maximal effort. The picture above is us near the finish line. Congrats Clay!

My son Matt and I ran the 1/2k and he got a medal (all the kids did), but he wouldn't wear his race number. "I don't want to" he said. We have learned to pick our battles. Andi and her dad pushed the boys along with our friends the Schneiders. It was a well run event and everyone had a good time. See the Stutelberg blog for pictures.

Our strength circuit training clinic was today and we had 21 people attend. It was a successful presentation and we got some positive feedback.

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